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Replacing windows and doors is one of the most significant investments in your house that you will ever make. While adding a touch of style to your home exterior, well designed windows and doors will prevent drafts and will increase your air conditioning and heating systems’ efficiency. Modern materials not only allow to cut the energy bills almost in half but significantly improve the feeling of comfort in your home.

When we work with our clients on a window installation project we make sure that the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

• We go over the product features and options in detail
• Our quotes are detailed
• Our installation professionals take detailed measurements
• We assist with permits if needed
• We stick to the timeframe

We produce any kind of windows for your home

Living room window are usually one of the best features of the house. In a well designed home they offer a better view and let in more light, often becoming a focal point of the room. This is the place to enjoy the company of your guests and entertain. When the style of the window compliments the room it not only adds value to the house, but a touch of style as well.

Located in the foundation of the house or just above the foundation, well designed and constructed windows should let in enough light while prevent the basement from flooding. House foundation is exposed to more moisture than other elements of the house is affected by thaw and freeze cycles of extensive Canadian winter. The basement windows should be installed professionally and well insulated to keep the moisture out.

Bedroom is the space where you could always use a touch of comfort. And a lot depends on windows here. Drafty windows, old rattling frames, older windows that don’t keep street noise out will affect the quality of your sleep, and the quality of your life. Choosing the right windows for bedroom is not simply a design choice it is an important decision about your personal level of comfort.

Kitchen is the most often used space in the house. Whether it is an open concept with a sliding door to the backyard, or a dedicated space – the windows in your kitchen are an important feature. They should let in a lot of light, open easily if you want to air the space, and be resistant to moisture! And be simply be beautiful at the same time!

The front door is a true jewel of the house facade. It is welcoming your friends and guests and sets the right tone to the entire house decor. While staying elegant it has to offer enough security and privacy for you to feel safe.

Your backyard or patio are busy place in summer. All entertainment, holidays with friends, birthday celebrations and bbq parties move outdoors! It becomes an extension of your home! The convenient and safe access to it is very important. It is a very high traffic area, after all. You should not forget about security, as the highest number of break ins reported, are break ins through the back door.

Sliding doors have always been a great way to connect the house to the backyard. They offer not only a convenience of easily sliding frame, but also add a lot of light to the room. It is important that your sliding door is energy efficient, and has a solid structure, and slides without an effort.


We offer full service installation. You do not have to worry about renovation and fixing the walls after installation. We will take care of anything from masonry to drywall. Our projects come with a warranty for materials and workmanship.

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At New Era Window Systems we offer our clients a great selection of energy efficient windows and doors. Our projects come with full service installation – you do not need to worry about getting things back to normal. We believe in predictable time frames, accurate quotes and great service.

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